Successfully Execute Your Strategy Without Blowing Up Your To-Do List

What is the simple way to successfully execute a strategy without adding to your to-do list?

Overscheduled leaders know that time, energy, and resources are precious. How we use these limited reserves makes the difference between successfully executing our strategy or continuing running on the hamster wheel not making recognizable forward progress.

The Formula for Successfully Executing Strategy

Ready for the formula to successfully executing your strategy without blowing up your to-do list? The formula is 1,3,5.

The formula is 1,3,5.

First, identify your “one thing.

Ask yourself, “What is the one thing that takes the least effort and will create the biggest results?”  Your answer is one thing. Your one thing must align with the organization’s strategy. While you have many tasks on your daily to-do list, your one thing will now become interwoven into your daily and weekly activities.

If you lead a group, ask them to help to determine the one thing. Share your one thing with your team, co-workers, and your leader.  Ask for their support and input.

Three Repeatable Actions Each Week

Next, identify three repeatable actions to complete within each workweek that integrates your one thing into what you already do. Think of all the meetings and conversations. How can you interweave your one thing into those meetings and discussions? What questions will you ask? What will you do with the answers? 

When integrating your one thing into what you already do, you will notice the to-do list adjusts to more critical actions and less busy fillers. Your focus becomes infectious and creates momentum. 


Where does five come into the equation?  High-fives!  Celebrate the positive adjustments and progress. 

Success and achievement will be yours as you consistently interweave your one thing into three repeatable actions and celebrate progress.  

Here’s a story of how an executive applied our simple 1,3,5 formula to execute her business strategy. 

Jane serves as Senior Vice President of commercial clients in a highly competitive financial services organization. She chose one thing from the strategy to integrate into her actions – deliver recognized innovation for clients.

While her schedule is very tight and her to-do list mind-blowing, she keeps delivery of recognized innovation for clients interwoven in her meeting agendas, conversations, and client discussions. Her team discussions adjusted to better focus on their clients. She asked different questions and listened more intently as she consistently explores the one thing. Her team leaders now foster innovation and better recognizing with their colleagues.

After 90 days, Jane’s division showed remarkable progress in client innovation. Client retention and profitability were increasing as teams engaged with clients with focus. Jane gave high-fives to her team leaders thanking them for the early progress and challenged them to keep the momentum going.  By year-end, Jane’s division achieved remarkable results.

The 1, 3, 5 formula works!

 What’s your one thing? What works for you to successfully execute your strategy? Let us know by commenting on this post.

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